Friday, May 14, 2010

overnight trip well almost!!!

Well Em had to work friday so we didn't get to hit the trail till late. We went to the snake river up by Kelly canyon its only about 30min from the house for a nice overnighter. We put are packs on and headed up the trail. We walked about 2 miles up the trail found a small stream and started setting up camp. We wanted to go farther but it was 7 and would be getting dark soon. We pitched the tent I walked upstream and found a nice tree to hang the bear bag while em started building a fire ring. We built a small fire and made a nice dinner of chili cheese mac. It was one of those freeze dried meals that taste really good but will give you the craps if you eat too much. As we finished dinner a man came up on a four wheeler that had 5 gal buckets strapped all over it. He came over and was tellin me that they were baiting bears over the ridge about a quarter mile away and he just wanted to give us a heads up. I was ok with that but Em was freaking out! She tore her pack apart and to pull out her bear mace and bear bell so she was ready to take on the wilderness. I was sitting by the camp fire while Em was sawing wood. 
She looked like she was having the time of her life, but I think she was just trying to keep busy so she wouldn't think about the bears. I kept hearing some rustling in the distance so I went over to investigate. It was a momma bear and two cubs! They had crossed the stream and walked up the trail about ten feet from us. I came back to camp and asked Em if she really wanted to stay and this was the last chance to leave since it was almost dark. She said I guess, then I took her to see the bear tracks and she turned around and started tearing down the tent. I have never seen her pack that fast! with her head lamp on and her bear mace at her side she was practically running out of the woods. About a mile away from the truck there was a really dark spot on the trail and Em stopped and made me get in front in case a bear attacked us. It was like going through the haunted house all over again. She was hanging all over me like she was afraid the boogie man was going to get her. We made it out alive. And it was a good thing for the Cowboy Cadillac. This huge truck was stuck in the mud and was trying to get pulled out using a small rope, no bigger than a fish stringer. I happen to have a cheap tow rope that I figured would break and of course it did. When it broke they all just stood around like what do we do now? So I tied the rope back together told em how to straighten out their vehicles and of course it worked. I told them that I know a lot about getting stuck on muddy dirt roads. lol Thats about it.

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