Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day Hike Heise Mountain

Our long day hike. We wanted to go to Yellowstone today but they got a foot of snow last night so we had to stay south. We went up to Heise at about nine this morning. It was cold but clear. We reached the summit at about one and it was sprinkling a little but we found a cool place to camp with a nice fire ring and a flat area for the tent. We were talking about coming back sometime with our overnight packs to camp but then we realized how much that would suck because today we only had our day packs that weigh about 20 lbs. and our overnight packs weigh over 60 lbs.  

We had lunch and rested for about 30 min and was able to take some cool pics of the whole valley. But due to a rain storm approaching in the distance we decided to get a move on and head back down it was a lot faster coming down. We were at the truck and headed home by 5:30. Made it down with out getting wet.  Oh yea!!!
Well got to get rested up for this weekend! We are planing on hiking Yellowstone's back country. We have 4 full days to hike it will be fun hope the weather will corporate if not I always have a back up... Moab anyone? It is the most torturous mountain biking on the planet!!!!

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